New Photometric Observations of sigma Ori E

Mary Oksala & Rich Townsend

Bartol Research Institute, University of Delaware

We present new UBVRI observations of the magnetic Bp star sigma Ori E. The basic features of the star's lightcurve have not changed since the previous monitoring by Hesser et al. (1977), indicating that the star's magnetosphere has remained stable over the past three decades. Interestingly, we find a rotation period that is slightly longer than in the Hesser et al. (1977) analysis, suggesting possible spindown of the star.

Reference: To appear in "Active OB Stars: Laboratories for Stellar & Circumstellar Physics", ASP Conf. Ser. 2005, S. Stefl, S. P. Owocki & A. Okazaki, eds.
Status: Conference proceedings