The massive eclipsing LMC Wolf-Rayet binary BAT99-129 1. Orbital parameters, hydrogen content and spectroscopic characteristics

C. Foellmi (1), A.F.J. Moffat (2), S.V. Marchenko (3)

1 - ESO (Chile); 2 - U. de Montreal (Canada); 3 - U. Western Kentucky (USA)

BAT99-129 in the LMC is one among a handful of extra-galactic eclipsing Wolf-Rayet binaries known. We present blue, medium-resolution, phase-dependent NTT-EMMI spectra of this system that allow us to separate the spectra of the two components of the binary and to obtain a reliable orbital solution for both stars. We assign an O5V spectral type to the companion, and WN3(h)a to the Wolf-Rayet component. We discuss the spectroscopic characteristics of the system: luminosity ratio, radii, rotation velocities. We find a possible oversynchronous rotation velocity for the O star. Surprisingly, the extracted Wolf-Rayet spectrum clearly shows the presence of blueshifted absorption lines, similar to what has been found in all single hot WN stars in the SMC and some in the LMC. We also discuss the presence of such intrinsic lines in the context of hydrogen in SMC and LMC Wolf-Rayet stars, WR+O binary evolution and GRB progenitors. Altogether, BAT99~129 is the extragalactic counterpart of the well-known Galactic WR binary V444 Cygni.

Reference: Accepted by A&A
Status: Manuscript has been accepted