The atypical emission-line star Hen3-209

Y. Naze (1), G. Rauw (1), D. Hutsemekers (1), E. Gosset (1), J. Manfroid (1), P. Royer (2)

(1) ULg, Belgium; (2) KUL, Belgium

We analyse observations, spanning 15 years, dedicated to the extreme emission-line object Hen3-209. Our photometric data indicate that the luminosity of the star undergoes marked variations with a peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.65mag. These variations are recurrent, with a period of 16.093+-0.005d. The spectrum of Hen3-209 is peculiar with many different lines (HI, HeI, FeII,...) showing P Cygni profiles. The line profiles are apparently changing in harmony with the photometry. The spectrum also contains [OIII] lines that display a saddle profile topped by three peaks, with a maximum separation of about 600km/s. Hen3-209 is most likely an evolved luminous object suffering from mass ejection events and maybe belonging to a binary system.

Reference: to be published by MNRAS
Status: Manuscript has been accepted