Stellar winds from massive stars - What are the REAL mass-loss rates?

Puls, J., Markova, N. & Scuderi, S.

Universitaets-Sternwarte, Scheinerstr. 1, D-81679 Muenchen, Germany
Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory, P.O. Box 136, 4700 Smoljan, Bulgaria
INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania, Via S. Sofia 78, I-95123 Catania, Italy

We discuss recent evidence that currently accepted mass-loss rates may need to be revised downwards, as a consequence of previously neglected ``clumping'' of the wind. New results on the radial stratification of the corresponding clumping factors are summarized. We investigate the influence of clumping on the ionization equilibrium of phosphorus, which is of major relevance when deriving constraints on the clumping factors from an analysis of the FUV PV resonance lines.

Reference: Proc. workshop "Mass loss from stars and the evolution of stellar clusters",
eds. A. de Koter, L. Smith & R. Waters, ASP conf. ser.
Status: Conference proceedings