A Grid of FASTWIND NLTE Model Atmospheres of Massive Stars

K.Lefever, J.Puls, C.Aerts

Instituut voor Sterrenkunde, KULeuven, Leuven
Universitatssternwarte, Munchen

In the last few years our knowledge of the physics of massive stars has
improved tremendously. However, further investigations are still needed,
especially regarding accurate calibrations of their fundamental parameters.
To this end, we have constructed a comprehensive grid of NLTE model
atmospheres and corresponding synthetic spectra in the massive star domain.
The grid covers the complete B type spectral range, extended to late O on
the hot side and early A on the cool side, from supergiants to dwarfs and
from weak stellar winds to very strong ones. It has been calculated with the
latest version of the FASTWIND code. The analysis of an extensive sample of OB
stars in the framework of the COROT space mission will lead to accurate
calibrations of effective temperatures, gravities, mass loss rates etc. This
paper contains a detailed description of the grid, which has been baptised as
BSTAR06 and which will be available for further research in the near future.

Reference: to appear in ASPC proceedings of 'Standardisation Workshop', held in Blankenberge on 8-11 May
Status: Conference proceedings

Weblink: http://arXiv.org/ps/astro-ph/0609628


Email: karolien@ster.kuleuven.be