New Galactic Wolf-Rayet stars, and candidates. An annex to The VIIth Catalogue of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars

Karel A. van der Hucht

(1) SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research,
Sorbonnelaan 2, NL-3584CA Utrecht, the Netherlands
(2) Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek,
University of Amsterdam, Kruislaan 403, 1097 SJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This paper gathers, from the literature and private communication, 72 new Galactic Population~I Wolf-Rayet stars and 17 candidate WCLd stars, recognized and/or discovered after the publication of The VIIth Catalogue of Galactic Wolf-Rayet Stars. This brings the total number of
known Galactic Wolf-Rayet stars to 298, of which 24 (8%) are in open cluster Westerlund 1, and 60 (20%) are in open clusters near the Galactic Center.

Reference: A&A 458, 453 (2006)
Status: Other