The Galactic O Star Catalog V.2.0

Alfredo Sota (1), Jesús Maíz Apellániz (2), Nolan R. Walborn (1), and Raquel Y. Shida (3)

1 - Space Telescope Science Institute
2 - Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía
3 - Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility.

The Galactic O star catalog (GOS) is an ambitious project to provide as much information regarding these types of objects as possible. The first version of the catalog (GOS v1) included data for 378 stars with precise spectral classification. It was intended to be complete up to V < 8, but also included many stars fainter than that limit. In this new version, we include a second list with more than 700 stars that have sometimes been classified as O stars. The catalog includes cross-references to other catalogs, spectral classification (various references for each star on the second list), coordinates (obtained in most cases from Tycho-2 data, but some from 2MASS and USNO B1), astrometric distances for some of the nearer stars, Optical and NIR photometry (Tycho-2, Johnson, Stromgren, Cousin and 2MASS), group membership, runaway character, and multiplicity information.

Reference: "Massive Stars: Fundamental Parameters and Circumstellar Interactions"
Carilo, Argentina
December 11-14, 2006
Status: Conference proceedings