Stellar and wind properties of massive stars in the central parsec of the Galaxy

F. Martins (1), R. Genzel (1,2), D.J. Hillier (3), F. Eisenhauer (1), T. Paumard (1,4), S. Gillessen (1), T. Ott (1), S. Trippe (1)

(1) MPE Garching; (2) Berkeley; (3) Pittsburgh; (4) LESIA Paris

We study the stellar and wind properties of massive stars in the central cluster of the Galaxy. We use non-LTE atmosphere models including winds and line-blanketing to fit their H and K band spectra obtained with the 3D spectrograph SINFONI on the VLT. We derive the main stellar (Teff, L, abundances, ionizing flux) and wind (mass loss rate, terminal velocity) properties. They are found to be similar to other galactic massive stars. We show that a direct evolutionary link between Ofpe/WN9, WN8 and WN/C stars exists. Using individual SEDs for each massive star, we construct the total spectral energy distribution of the cluster and use it to compute photoionization models. We show that the nebular properties of the central HII region are well reproduced. We conclude that, contrary to previous claims, standard stellar evolution and atmosphere models are well suited to explain the properties of the central cluster. Our results indicate that massive stars in the central cluster do not have a peculiar evolution as could be expected from their proximity to the supermassive black hole SgrA*.

Reference: A&A acceoted
Status: Manuscript has been accepted