Discovery of a New Dusty B[e] Star in the Small Magellanic Cloud

John P. Wisniewski$^1$, Karen S. Bjorkman$^2$, Jon E. Bjorkman$^2$, and Mark Clampin$^1$

1 - NASA GSFC; 2 - University of Toledo

We present new optical spectroscopic and archival Spitzer IRAC photometric observations of a B-type star in the SMC cluster NGC 346, NGC 346:KWBBe 200. We detect numerous Fe II, [O I], and [Fe II] lines, as well as strong P-Cygni profile H I emission lines in its optical spectrum. The star's near-IR color and optical to IR SED clearly indicate the presence of an infrared excess, consistent with the presence of gas and warm, T $sim$800 K, circumstellar dust. Based on a crude estimate of the star's luminosity and the observed spectroscopic line profile morphologies, we find that the star is likely to be a B-type supergiant. We suggest that NGC 346:KWBBe 200 is a newly discovered B[e] supergiant star, and represents the fifth such object to be identified in the SMC.

Reference: ApJ
Status: Manuscript has been accepted