Physical and wind properties of OB-stars

Joachim Puls

Universitaetssternwarte Muenchen, Scheinerstr. 1, D-81679 Muenchen, Germany

In this review, the physical and wind properties of OB-stars are discussed, with particular emphasis on metallicity dependence and recent results from the FLAMES survey of massive stars. We summarize the relation between spectral type and Teff, discuss the status quo of the ``mass-discrepancy'', refer to the problem of ``macro-turbulence'' and comment on the distribution of rotational velocities. Observational constraints on the efficiency of rotational mixing are presented, and magnetic field measurements summarized. Wind properties are reviewed, and problems related to weak winds and wind-clumping highlighted.

Reference: Proc. IAU Symp. 250 "Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines", F. Bresolin, P. Crowther & J. Puls (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Status: Conference proceedings