X-rays from magnetically channeled winds of OB stars

David H. Cohen

Swarthmore College, Department of Physics and Astronomy

OB stars with strong radiation-driven stellar winds and large-scale magnetic fields generate strong and hard X-ray emission via the Magnetically Channeled Wind Shock (MCWS) mechanism. In this brief paper, I describe four separate X-ray diagnostics of the MCWS mechanism in OB stars, with applications to the prototype young O star, theta-1 Ori C.

Reference: To appear as part of an article on the specialist session on magnetic massive stars held prior to IAU Symposium 250, "Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines," Kauai, HI, December 2007; eds. Bresolin, Crowther, & Puls, Cambridge University Press, 2008.
Status: Conference proceedings

Weblink: http://astro.swarthmore.edu/~cohen/papers/cohen_magneticOstars_kauai2007.pdf

Comments: 2 pages; 1 figure (color, but looks fine in b/w)

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