The Quintuplet Cluster I. A K-band spectral catalog of stellar sources

A. Liermann, W.-R. Hamann, L. M. Oskinova

University of Potsdam

Three very massive clusters are known to reside in the Galactic Center region, the Arches cluster, the Quintuplet cluster and the Central parsec cluster. We obtained spectroscopic observations of the Quintuplet cluster with the Integral Field Spectrograph SINFONI-SPIFFI at the ESO-VLT. The spectral range comprises the near-IR K-band from 1.94 to 2.45 micrometer. The 3D data cubes of the individual fields were flux-calibrated and combined to one contiguous cube, from which the spectra of all detectable point sources were extracted. We present a catalog of 160 stellar sources in the inner part of the Quintuplet cluster.

Reference: A&A
Status: Manuscript has been accepted

Weblink: arXiv:0809.5199