The MiMeS Project: Magnetism in Massive Stars

G.A. Wade, E. Alecian, D.A. Bohlender, J.-C. Bouret, J.H. Grunhut, H. Henrichs, C. Neiner, V. Petit, N. St. Louis, M. Auriere, O. Kochukhov, J. Silvester, A. ud-Doula, and the MiMeS Collaboration

PI affiliation: Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON, Canada

The Magnetism in Massive Stars (MiMeS) Project is a consensus collaboration among the foremost international researchers of the physics of hot, massive stars, with the basic aim of understanding the origin, evolution and impact of magnetic fields in these objects. The cornerstone of the project is the MiMeS Large Program at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, which represents a dedication of 640 hours of telescope time from 2008-2012. The MiMeS Large Program will exploit the unique capabilities of the ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter to obtain critical missing information about the poorly-studied magnetic properties of these important stars, to confront current models and to guide theory.

Reference: Proceedings of IAUS 259: Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Status: Conference proceedings