Eta Car 2009.0 event - on schedule

A. Damnineli et al.

IAGUSP - Brazil

eta Carinae

Spectroscopic observations collected at SOAR telescope (Chile) by
A Damineli, J. Steiner, J. H. Groh and L. Fraga indicate that
eta Carinae reached the phase of minimum excitation on 2009
January 11, on schedule with the predictions (Damineli et al.
MNRAS 384, 1649, 2008). The doubly ionized forbiden lines and the
narrow components of HeI and [NII] lines disappeared from the
spectrum and P Cigny absorption in permitted transitions
(HeI, HI and FeII) started to enhance. The HeII 468.6nm line,
which have been increasing rapidly through December, now collapsed
abruptly to the same level as it was a month before. The radial
velocity reached -320 km/s and seems to be still shifting to the blue.

Such results are corroborated by observations taken at OPD/LNA
(Brazil) by M. Teodoro, at Casleo (Argentina) by E. F. Lajuz,
F. Gonzalez and R. Gamen, at the 2.2m-Telescope (ESO/Chile)
by M. Borges, C. B. Pereira, C. A. P. C.O. Torres and
M. I. Zevallos Herencia and at Las Campanas Observatory (Chile)
by Nidia Morrell.

Status: Manuscript has been submitted