A Detailed Far-Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of Main Sequence B Stars

Myron A. Smith

Catholic University of America

We have constructed a detailed spectral atlas covering the wavelength region 930-1225 Angstroms for 10 sharp-lined B0-B9 stars near the main sequence. Most of the spectra we assembled are from the archives of the FUSE satellite, but for nine stars wavelength coverage above 1188A was taken from high-resolution IUE or echelle HST/STIS spectra. To represent the tenth star at type B0.2V we used the Copernicus atlas of tau Sco. We made extensive line identifications in the region 949-1225A of all atomic features having published oscillator strengths at types B0, B2, and B8. These are provided as a supplementary data product, - hence the term detailed atlas. Our list of found features totals 2288, 1612, and 2469 lines, respectively. We were able to identify 92%, 98%, and 98% of these features with known atomic transitions with varying degrees of certainty in these spectra. The remaining lines do not have published oscillator strengths. Photospheric lines account for 94%, 87%, and 91%, respectively, of all our identifications, with the remainder being due to interstellar (usually molecular H_2 lines. We also discuss the numbers of lines with respect to the distributions of various ions for these three most studied spectral subtypes. A table is also given of 167 least blended lines that can be used as possible diagnostics of physical conditions in B star atmospheres.

Reference: Smith, M. A. 2010, ApJS, 186, 175
Status: Manuscript has been accepted



Email: msmith@stsci.edu