NLTE wind models of hot subdwarf stars

Jiri Krticka, Jiri Kubat

Masarykova univerzita, Czech Republic
Astronomicky ustav AV CR, Czech Republic

We calculate NLTE models of stellar winds of hot compact stars (central stars of planetary nebulae and subdwarf stars). The studied range of subdwarf parameters is selected to cover a large part of these stars. The models predict the wind hydrodynamical structure and provide mass-loss rates for different abundances. Our models show that CNO elements are important drivers of subdwarf winds, especially for low-luminosity stars. We study the effect of X-rays and instabilities on these winds. Due to the line-driven wind instability, a significant part of the wind could be very hot.

Reference: To appear in Astrophysics and Space Science. The final publication will be available at
Status: Manuscript has been accepted