A Binary Orbit for the Massive, Evolved Star HDE 326823, a WR+O System Progenitor

Noel D. Richardson, Douglas R. Gies, Stephen J. Williams

Georgia State University

The hot star HDE 326823 is a candidate transition-phase object that is evolving into a nitrogen-enriched Wolf-Rayet star. It is also a known low-amplitude, photometric variable with a 6.123 d period. We present new, high and moderate resolution spectroscopy of HDE 326823, and we show that the absorption lines show coherent Doppler shifts with this period while the emission lines display little or no velocity variation. We interpret the absorption line shifts as the orbital motion of the apparently brighter star in a close, interacting binary. We argue that this star is losing mass to a mass gainer star hidden in a thick accretion torus and to a circumbinary disk that is the source of the emission lines. HDE 326823 probably belongs to a class of objects that produce short-period WR+O binaries.

Reference: AJ, in press
Status: Manuscript has been accepted

Weblink: http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.1548

Comments: 32 pages, including 3 tables and 10 figures.

Email: richardson@chara.gsu.edu