Turbulent Entrainment at the Boundaries of the Convective Cores of Main-sequence Stars

E.I. Staritsin

K.A. Barkhatova Kourovka Astronomical Observatory, B.N. El’tsin Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Extra mixing of matter in stellar interiors at the boundaries of the convective cores of main sequence stars is considered for the first time using the physical model of turbulent entrainment developed by Arnett and collaborators based on three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations. The model takes into account the energy that goes into mixing the matter of the convective core and layers stable against convection located above the core. It is shown that the extent of the region of extra mixing expressed in units of the pressure scale height is not constant, and decreases as the star evolves along the main sequence. Adequate allowance for extra mixing at the boundaries of convective cores is necessary to clarify the relative importance of different mixing mechanisms in stellar interiors, as well as to determine stellar parameters using asteroseismlogy.

Reference: Astronomy Reports, Vol. 57
Status: Manuscript has been accepted



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