Eta Carina Coordination Meeting January 9, 10, 2014:
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA

Ted Gull


Eta Carina will undergo its next periastron event in July-August 2014. This coordination meeting will focus on current observations, models of the massive binary system, and observations needed to constrain the models.

We encourage you to contact if you plan to attend, along with potential contributions and subjects that you would like to discuss. A head count is desired by October 31.

A similar planning session at Mt. Rainier in the summer of 2002 focused on the Hubble Eta Carinae Treasury Program. The inputs of several dozen astronomers at that meeting strongly impacted the actual observations, brought in additional coordinated observations and inspired new approaches to the modeling of the massive interacting winds. It is our goal to further improve our knowledge of this fascinating astrophysical laboratory with a coordinated approach.

This meeting was initially planned to be splinter sessions within the American Astronomical Society January 2014 meeting. However, due to cost, scheduling conflicts and potential limiting quotas of NASA attendees, we chose to move the coordination meeting to a separate venue. A conference room has been found at University of Maryland, Baltimore County for the two-day meeting. Within the building complex are located other meeting rooms and a cafeteria. The facility is about six miles from Baltimore Washington International Airport and just off Interstates 95 and 195.

The format of the meeting, based upon many local meetings discussing Eta Carinae, will be a series of reviews with structured discussions on these general topics:

Current observations
Current models of massive stars
Observations needed to constrain models that could be obtained across the 2014.6 periastron event.
Models needed to explain current and planned observations.

Small group meetings addressing specific topics will be encouraged both afternoons.

A draft agenda will be circulated in early November.

Additional information will be posted as it comes available on:

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