Massive Star Asteroseismology in Action

Conny Aerts

Institute of Astronomy, KULeuven, Belgium

Department of Astrophysic/IMAPP, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

After highlighting the principle and power of asteroseismology for stellar physics, we briefly emphasize some recent progress in this research for various types of stars. We give an overview of high-precision high duty-cycle space photometry of OB-type stars. Further, we update the overview of seismic estimates of stellar parameters of OB dwarfs, with specific emphasis on convective core overshoot. We discuss connections between pulsational, rotational, and magnetic variability of massive stars and end with future prospects for asteroseismology of evolved OB stars.

Reference: Invited review paper to appear in Proc. IAU307: New windows on massive stars: asteroseismology, interferometry, and
Status: Conference proceedings