he Massive Star Population in M101. III. Spectra and Photometry of the Luminous and Variable Stars

Skyler H. Grammer and Roberta M. Humphreys

University of Minnesota

We discuss moderate resolution spectra, multicolor photometry, and light curves of thirty-one of the most luminous stars and variables in the giant spiral M101. The majority are intermediate A to F-type supergiants. We present new photometry and light curves for three known "irregular blue variables" V2, V4 and V9) and identify a new candidate. Their spectra and variability confirm that they are LBV candidates and V9 may be in an LBV-like maximum light state or eruption.

Reference: To appear in the Astronomical Journal
Status: Manuscript has been accepted

Weblink: http://etacar.umn.edu/LuminousStars/M101/


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