Properties of O dwarf stars in 30 Doradus

Carolina Sab\'in-Sanjuli\'an

(1) Departamento de F\'sica y Astronom\'a, Universidad de La Serena, Av. Cisternas 1200 Norte, La Serena, Chile
(2) Instituto de Investigaci\'on Multidisciplinar en Ciencia y Tecnolog\'ia, Universidad de La Serena, Ra\'ul Bitr\'an 1305, La Serena, Chile

We perform a quantitative spectroscopic analysis of 105 presumably single O dwarf stars in 30 Doradus, located within the Large Magellanic Cloud. We use mid-to-high resolution multi-epoch optical spectroscopic data obtained within the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey. Stellar and wind parameters are derived by means of the automatic tool IACOB-GBAT, which is based on a large grid of FASTWIND models. We also benefit from the Bayesian tool BONNSAI to estimate evolutionary masses. We provide a spectral calibration for the effective temperature of O dwarf stars in the LMC, deal with the mass discrepancy problem and investigate the wind properties of the sample.

Reference: arXiv1707.04209
Status: Conference proceedings