Emission Lines in the Near-infrared Spectra of the Infrared Quintuplet Stars in the Galactic Center

F. Najarro^1, T.R. Geballe^2, D.F. Figer^3 and D. de la Fuente^4

^1 Centro de Astrobiologia
^2 Gemini Observatory
^3 Rochester Institute of Technology
^4 Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM

We report the detection of a number of emission lines in the 1.0--2.4$\mu$m spectra of four of the five bright infrared dust-embedded stars at the center of the Galactic center's Quintuplet Cluster. Spectroscopy of the central stars of these objects is hampered not only by the large interstellar extinction that obscures all objects in the Galactic center, but also by the large amounts of warm circumstellar dust surrounding each of the five. The pinwheel morphologies of the dust observed previously around two of them are indicative of Wolf-Rayet colliding wind binaries; however, infrared spectra of each of the five have until now revealed only dust continua steeply rising to long wavelengths and absorption lines and bands from interstellar gas and dust. The emission lines detected, from ionized carbon and from helium, are broad and confirm that the objects are dusty late-type carbon Wolf-Rayet stars.

Reference: Published in ApJ Aug 20, 2017
Status: Manuscript has been accepted

Weblink: http://lanl.arxiv.org/pdf/1707.06894v1


Email: najarro@cab.inta-csic.es