LiLiMaRlin, a Library of Libraries of Massive-Star High-Resolution Spectra with applications to OWN, MONOS, and CollDIBs

J. Maíz Apellániz (1), E. Trigueros Páez (1,2), I. Jiménez Martínez (1,3), R. H. Barbá (4), S. Simón-Díaz (5), A. Pellerin (6), I. Negueruela (2), J. R. Souza Leão (7)

(1) CAB, CSIC-INTA, Spain, (2) UA, Spain, (3) UCM, Spain, (4) ULS, Chile, (5) IAC and ULL, Spain, (6) SUNY Geneseo, U.S.A., (7) UFRGN, Brazil

LiLiMaRlin is a library of libraries of massive-star high-resolution optical spectra built by collecting data from [a] our spectroscopic surveys (OWN, IACOB. NoMaDS, and CAFÉ-BEANS) and programs and [b] searches in public archives. The current version has 18 077 spectra of 1665 stars obtained with seven different telescopes (HET 9.2 m, NOT 2.56 m, CAHA 2.2 m, MPG/ESO 2.2 m, OHP 1.93 m, Mercator 1.2 m, and Stella 1.2 m). All the spectra have been filtered to eliminate misidentifications and bad-quality ones, uniformly reprocessed, and placed on a common format. We present applications of this library of libraries to the analysis of spectroscopic binaries (OWN and MONOS, see poster by E. Trigueros Páez at this meeting) and the study of the interstellar medium (CollDIBs). We discuss our plans for the future.

Reference: To appear in Highlights on Spanish Astrophysics X, Proceedings of the XIII Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society held on July 16-20, 2018, in Salamanca, Spain
Status: Conference proceedings