Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica

Volumen 40, número 1

Abril 2004

Table of Contents

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Statistic Reliability of the Meso-Nh
Atmospherical Model for 3D CN2 simulations

E. Masciadri, R. Avila, & L. J. Sánchez
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Herbig-Haro Jets Emerging from a Neutral Cloud
into a H II region

A. C. Raga & B. Reipurth
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Variation of Central Star Masses in Planetary Nebulae
with Height above the Galactic Plane

J. P. Phillips
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Multiepoch Radio Observations of the Exciting Sources of
HH 212 and HH 119

R. Galván-Madrid, R. Avila, & L. F. Rodríguez
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Dwarf and Normal Spiral Galaxies: are they Self-Similar?
A. M. Hidalgo-Gámez
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Very Large Array Observations of Winds
from Massive Stars

M. E. Contreras, G. Montes, & F. P. Wilkin
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Herbig-Haro Jets from Sources in Elliptical Orbits
R. F. González & A. C. Raga
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Structural Properties of Spherical Galaxies:
a Semi-Analytical Approach

E. Simonneau & F. Prada
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Numerical Wind Modeling for the San Pedro Mártir Sierra
in Baja California

K. Vogiatzis & D. Hiriart
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uvbyβ Photometry of the RR Lyrae Star AT And
J. H. Peña & R. Peniche
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