Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica

Volumen 40, número 2

Octubre 2004

Table of Contents

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On the Nature of the LBV/WR Eclipsing Binary System
HD 5980

G. Koenigsberger
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Nebulous Objects in the Southern Hemisphere
A. L. Gyulbudaghian, J. May, L. González, & R. A. Méndez
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Hydrodynamical Interaction between an Accretion Flow and a Stellar Wind
S. Mendoza, J. Cantó, & A. C. Raga
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On the Stability of a Self-Gravitating Inhomogeneous Fluid in the Form of Two Confocal Ellipsoids Carrying Dedekind-Type Internal Currents
J. U. Cisneros, F. J. Martínez, & J. D. Montalvo
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Determination of Stellar Atmospheric Parameters from the Near-IR Region
R. Molina & J. Stock
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The Use of Line Excitation Mapping to Investigate
Planetary Nebula Morphologies

J. P. Phillips
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CCD Photometry of the RR LYRAE Stars in NGC 4147
A. Arellano Ferro, M. J. Arévalo, C. Lázaro, M. Rey, D. M. Bramich, & S. Giridhar
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In Search of a Radio Counterpart for the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source at the Nucleus of M33
A. Trejo, L. F. Rodríguez, & J. Martí
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Line Identification of the Si Star HD 87240
C. Saffe, H. Levato, & Z. López-García
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Obituary - Jürgen Stock
G. Bruzual & M. J. Stock
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Author Index

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