J. Antonio García Barreto

Observations of Young Planetary Nebulae

We report the relative abundance of atomic and molecular hydrogen (HI) from the Young Planetary Nebulae NGC 2440, 2452, 6302, Hb5, NGC 6537, 7026 and 7027 using the VLA (1984 RMxAA, 9, 153)[6].

We report the observations of HI from NGC 2440 and 6302 in order to determine if the HI was associated or not with the nebulae. HI is associated with NGC 6302 but it is not associated with NGC 2440 (1985 RMxAA, 11, 109)[8].

We report the results of the search for radio continuum radiation from old stars with asymmetric OH maser emission. The observations were carried out using the VLA from G345.0+15.7, G15.7+0.8, G20.7+0.1, G27.3+0.2, G35.6-0.3, IRC+10420 y G83.4-0.9 (1985 RMxAA, 11, 139)[9]

We report the results from a complete study of the young planetary nebulae NGC 6302 at radio frequencies: HI at 21cm, H76 alpha and radio continuum at 2, 6 and 20 cm (1985 MNRAS, 215, 353)[7]

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