The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies



1) Poster Presentations

  •  Posters should fit within an approximate area of  width 1m x  height 1.20 m (39.37 in x 47.24 in). Thumbtacks will be provided here.
  • Posters may be set up after 7:30am on April 18  and must be   removed by the end of the evening session (~6:30pm) on April 20. Posters left after this times will be discarded. 

2) Oral Presentations

Audiovisual Equipment

  •   LCD Projector and Computer: will be provided in every session. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR OWN. The computers in the session room will be Windows XP with Office XP, and MAC OS v10.4 (Tyger) with Mac Office.
  •  Overhead Projector and  35mm Projector:  one of each will be available, but must be ordered at least 24-hours before your presentation.

Presentation Format

  • OppenOffice 2.0, PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat are the required formats. Your presentation must be compatible with Office XP, or MAC  Office.
  • MOVIES: Movie files should be automatically linked to your presentation, rather than embedded inside it like pictures or drawings. When your presentation has linked files, you must copy the linked files as well as the presentation. QuickTime Movie Files (.mov) do not work as linked movies in the PC version or PowerPoint. Please convert them to MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg) or AVI (.avi) format if you wish to include them in your PowerPoint file. Otherwise, they will only work if played separately using QuickTime Player.
Drop off
  • Your presentation should be delivered at the session room at least one day in advance of your talk, on a CD-ROM or USB Flash Disk. You may also upload it to the ftp address:    up to a week prior to the meeting.

If you have any doubt on the way your presentation will look with the
above systems and specifications you should check your presentation with our technical staff 24 before your talk. Any additional equipment or software  request should be explicitly asked to the e-mail address 2 weeks prior to the meeting.  We will do our best to fulfill your requirements but availability is not guaranteed


The deadline for abstract submission was January 31 2007!  Please note that if you submit an abstract now the SOC will decide if it can be allocated as a poster. The SOC will notify the authors if it is accepted as a contribution work to the symposium.


To modify your registration data:

1) go to registration form
2) put only your password, a table appears, look for your name, use the M button (to modify), a password prompt appears
3) login with your password and modify whatever you want


Scientific and Local Organizing Commitees

Hotel Gala Beach Resort in Huatulco.
Special fares for people registered before February 9th, 2007.
Need information? Visit:

The organizers recommend  all participants to check the VISA-agreement
 between Mexico and the respective country of origin.
 In some cases it is necessary to prepare documents 3 months in advance.
 For more information you can visit:

Travel information:

Original art work by Natividad Amador (Juchitan, Oaxaca, 2005).

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