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Bylaws of the WG on Massive Stars


1. The purpose of the WG is to advance and promote the research on massive stars and related fields. The main activities of the WG include but are not restricted to promoting and organizing major scientific initiatives, such as observational or theoretical programs or data archives, proposing minor and major conferences, and generating and distributing a periodic newsletter. The WG on Massive Stars is a working group within Division IV of the International Astronomical Union.


2. "G2 Member" means any individual who is listed in the membership list of the WG on Massive Stars.
"Organizing Committee (OC)" means a subset of the WG elected by its members.
"Chairperson of the G2" means the appointed chair of the G2.

Composition and Appointment

3. Membership in the WG is open to any holder of a scientific degree or who is currently enrolled in an accredited university or a comparable scientific institution. Membership can be requested by contacting any OC member.

4. Membership in the OC is open to anybody who is a member of both the WG and the IAU.

5. The Organizing Committee is usually comprised of ten (10) members, including the Chairperson. The number of OC members shall be at least eight (8) and not more than eleven (11) at any time.

Terms of Appointment

6. The term of election for each OC member, including the Chairperson, is three (3) years.

7. OC members, including the Chairperson, may serve for more than one term. After completion of their first term, OC members will be offered an automatic renewal of their term. OC members who have served for two or more terms may serve for additional terms if they are nominated and re-elected.

Elections and Vacancies of the OC

8. The OC shall hold regular elections to fill vacancies in the committee. The elections shall normally be held every three (3) years. If a vacancy arises, an election shall be held as needed.

9. All WG members are eligible to vote.

10. Candidates may be nominated by any WG member. Self-nominations are permitted.

11. The OC shall review the diversity of the nominated candidates prior to an election. Additional nominations shall be solicited if the candidates are not a fair representation of the WG membership body.

12. A vacancy in the OC created by death or resignation will be filled during the next upcoming election.


13. The OC members will appoint a Chairperson from amongst themselves by a simple majority vote.

14. The Chairperson is appointed for one (1) term and is subject to the Terms of Appointment 6, 7, and 8.

15. If after expiration of her/his term the Chairperson is not re-elected to the OC, he/she shall remain an OC member for one (1) additional year.

Schedules and Procedures

16. The OC will hold regular meetings. Meetings with a physical presence of the majority of the OC shall be held at least every three years. In addition, the OC will meet by telecon or the Internet at least twice a year. The Chairperson will distribute minutes to the WG members.

17. The default means of communication between the OC members (other than stated under 16) is via the Internet.

18. The OC is responsible for producing and distributing the Massive Star Newsletter to the WG members. There shall be at least six (6) issues per year. The editor of the newsletter shall be appointed by the members of the OC.

19. Communication from the OC to the WG members will be via the Newsletter, or via email if required.

20. WG members are encouraged to contact OC members electronically at any time.

Changes to the By-Laws

21. The OC may make changes to the by-laws. Changes shall be ratified by supporting votes from 2/3 (two-thirds) of the OC members.