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NSCool is a 1D (i.e., spherically symmetric) neutron star cooling code, written in fortran 77. Besides the cooling code, the package also contains a series of EOSs (equation of state) to build stars, a series of pre-built stars, and a TOV (Tolman- Oppenheimer-Volkoff) integrator to build stars from an EOS.

This code is extremely robust, very fast (the whole cooling of an isolated neutron star from birth to freezing takes less than a minute even on a lousy laptop), and highly modular (which makes it easy to add new subroutines for new processes without major risks of screwing it up !). It can also handle “strange stars”, which have a huge density discontinuity between the quark matter and the covering thin baryonic crust.

Once given a star to cool, with all the wanted/necessary physics set up (several configuration files are provided as examples), and an initial temperature profile, the code solves the heat transport and energy balance equations, in whole GR. The result is a time sequence of temperature profiles (and, in particular, a Teff - age curve).

Several heating processes are included, and more can easily be incorporated. In particular it can evolve a star undergoing accretion with the resulting deep crustal heating, under a steady or time-variable accretion rate.

Download the whole package:


[Unpacking this archive will create a directory NSCool with everything in it.
The subdirectory A_User_Guide contains the "User's Guide"]

The User's Guide:

This version is more regularly up-dated (improved) than the one included in the above package. [Parts in "version 0.0" are very much still in progress.
"version 1.1" is in better shape]

Some Lectures on NS Cooling:

Some Reviews on NS Cooling (and Structure):

The last paper is somewhat old, but it's short and makes an easy introduction.
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